Team introductions



Berni (Bernardita) has been cooking since she was a child and it has played a very important part in her life.  She studied back in Argentina, where she specialised in vegetarian and vegan catering.  Berni is passionate about working with local produce and ensuring her ingredients are seasonal and her cooking is sustainable.  
Berni believes that food is a way of communicating.  She combines different cuisines, so you come away with the feeling your tastebuds have travelled around the world.  


Alongside being a yoga teacher, Nafia is also an amazing plant-based chef and feels blessed to be able to incorporate her two passions so seamlessly on retreats.  Her interest in food goes way further than Yoga, to when she was a child. Being raised by a single working mother, she spent much time in the kitchen preparing family meals with her siblings and through this, developed a love of food.

After undertaking training at the prestigious cookery school Leith’s in London, Nafia completed advanced raw food courses and has assisted top raw food chefs and Retreat organisers.  Nafia believes it is this diversity in what she does that fuels her drive and keeps her forever fascinated and absorbed in the food world.


Christine Heckel is an experienced, multilingual coach for stress prevention, using sound therapy with therapy singing bowls and gongs and holistic insights based on a solid background of stress prevention and stress management programmes. Her speciality is inspiring a diverse audience to attain awareness to create and live a balanced, healthy and fulfilled life. Sound Coaching by Christine Heckel is her passion, using a variety of techniques and methods.


Gary Waters is a high performance mindset coach and expert in human behaviour. Gary helps clients across the world to develop a mindset that is both empowered and in flow.  

His coaching involves sharing insights into a completely different way of thinking that leads to a life changing shift in perspective. This has a transformational effect on all aspects of life, including business success and personal fulfilment.
Rather than focus on short term temporary fixes, Gary specialises in identifying the root cause of problems which dissolves them permanently.