I would like to invite you to take a moment and do the following exercise...

  1. Read these words: 'Present Moment Awareness'
  2. Now take a deep inhale and deep exhale.  Read it again and completely focus on it: 'Present Moment Awareness'
  3. Did you notice that when you read the sentence previously your mind was elsewhere? Do I have your attention now?  
  4. Now look at your surroundings, what do you see? Observe everything in your peripheral area and take it all in as if it was the first time you had ever looked at the objects within the space you are in. PAUSE
  5. Listen, what do you hear?  The sound of birds singing, the hum of electricity or people talking in the background. Were you aware of these sounds before you brought attention to them? PAUSE
  6. What do you smell and taste?  Can you smell your morning coffee or is the remaining sweet taste from your food remain in your mouth? PAUSE
  7. What do you physically feel?  Can you feel your body touching the seat you are in or the floor beneath you?  Do you have any tightness or tension in the body? PAUSE
  8. How do you feel emotionally?  Are you feeling content and relaxed or anxious about the activities you have ahead of you? PAUSE
  9. Pay attention, without judgement or attachment, just notice. PAUSE

The above exercises are simple mindfulness techniques to bring you back into the present moment.  We are currently in an unusual state of uncertainty which can bring about worries and fears of the future, taking us out of the present moment.  The present moment does not always bring joy and happiness, but it can do, and if we are not present, we will miss those beautiful moments.  In times of hardship, when the present moment is a tough place to be, we often try to escape by distracting ourselves by being 'busy'.  In these moments it is important to be present with these feelings, providing space and time for you to heal.  It is important to plan ahead and be prepared for change, but we can not control or change the future, only the present moment that we are in now.

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