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My name is Megan Marcelle Halewood, and welcome to our new website where you will find everything related to mind, body & soul health. Whether you want to book on a yoga retreat, join in a virtual yoga class from the comfort of your own home, or become part of our online health & wellbeing community, then you are in the right place!

We believe that the practice of yoga can help establish and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Our mission is therefore to make yoga accessible to everyone, from bambinos to silver foxes. From our perspective, yoga goes deeper than simply achieving a single pose; yoga can be taken off your mat to help you build better relationships with yourself and others, manage stress effectively and become a more compassionate being.

Building a supportive community means everything to us which is why we decided to setup an online yoga community during the lockdown of COVID-19 to bring people together from all over the world.  The feedback we received and the community we grew was phenomenal and led us to continue to setup our Online Yoga & Wellbeing Membership community which we have today.  

If you are looking to improve your health & wellbeing, practice yoga & connect with like-minded individuals from all over the world then you are in the right place. You can join our Online Yoga & Wellbeing Membership today or register here to receive our email updates and an invite to our private Facebook group where you can access free video content, health & wellbeing talks, monthly live meditations & much more.

Megan x

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